San Francisco SPCA Animals Benefit from Maddie's Fund Treatable Assistance Program

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Today the San Francisco SPCA announced that 710 homeless animals had received assistance last year thanks to the Maddie's Fund Treatable Assistance Program (TAP). The TAP is a pilot program that helps northern California shelters find homes for senior animals, or those with treatable medical conditions, who were transferred from animal control shelters. The TAP provides a stipend when those animals are adopted, and in 2014 the SF SPCA received $525,000.

The funds went to help animals like Jefferson and Lia. When these cats were transferred to our shelter from Animal Care & Control, they both had severe upper respiratory infections. The infections were persistent and both the cats spent several days in our Shelter Medicine Department and Foster Program, being nursed back to health by staff members and volunteers.

When they were finally ready for the adoption floor, Jefferson and Lia quickly found a new home with adopters Sarah and Aleix. "Jefferson and Lia are doing great," reports Sarah. "We love them very much and they have made our lives happier. We now can't wait to get home to our little babies!"

"We're very grateful to Maddie's Fund for helping us provide care and treatment for so many homeless animals," said Krista Maloney, the SF SPCA's media relations specialist. "The Treatable Assistance Program has been an enormous help for animals like Jefferson and Lia, who need a little extra TLC before they start meeting potential adopters."

Terrance is another example of those who received assistance thanks to the Maddie's Fund TAP. This scared little Chihuahua was found stray by ACC and had to have major dental work while he was here – almost full mouth extractions! Terrance, now called T-man, is happily living with his new mom, who says he loves to cuddle.

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