We adopted Suki in January 2015, and she is the most wonderful, loving, adorable, quirky cat in the whole world! She has completely changed our lives for the better. Each night, she sleeps in her little cat bed on the floor next to our bed. Early in the morning, she jumps up onto the bed and settles in on one of our chests, "patiently" waiting for us to wake up (while purring loudly in our ears). I work from home, and she is my trusty assistant, sitting on my lap at my desk for most of the day (top right photo), earning her keep by "working" short (but productive!) hours between naps. Speaking of naps, her favorite position is spread-eagle on her back, head cocked to one side (as seen in the bottom right photo). Her lack of modesty is made up for by her utter, adorable ridiculousness. If there are any clothes left out she will drag each item out one-by-one and line them up in the hallway. We are often greeted at the top of the stairs with socks, which she pairs side-by-side (as seen in the middle photo)—she's very organized. If I call her name at any time of day, she will come running and jump right up onto my lap. We joke that she's our "good dog!" She is not just a lap-cat, but a chest-cat, a back-back, a leg-cat, and generally just a full-body contact cat. She is a vital part of our little family and is always wherever we are—on the couch, in the kitchen, in the bedroom, or (her favorite) doing "family pile" and laying on top of both of us at the same time (as seen in the left photo). She was about four years old when we adopted her and has completely brightened our lives. Everyone should have the amazing experience of adopting a hilarious, loving, mature cat from the SF SPCA!