Sophie (formerly Amberwing)

We adopted Sophie on Valentine's Day 2014 when she was not quite four months old. In a couple of days she will be turning two! The staff at the SF SPCA had a plan to help build Sophie's confidence, and we assured them that we would give her a loving home and were prepared to put in the work to get her accustomed to life outside the shelter. We made a few futile attempts at attending puppy playgroup because it just wasn't her thing. Luckily we live less than two blocks from the beach, and in that open environment she did much better with her socializing. She is still hesitant accepting new people and other dogs, but if we let her go at her own pace she gets along great. On the occasion of her upcoming 2nd birthday I can happily say she is a well-adjusted, curious, wicked smart girl! We look forward to many more years of snuggles and kisses from this little sweetie.