We adopted Rupert 15 years ago, and just recently we had to say goodbye to this kind soul. He was such a sweet, gentle dog always following us around the house and never straying too far on our walks. He loved to play with other dogs at Dolores Park and chase squirrels at Buena Vista Park. The last few years his age started to show, and our walks became shorter but he always had a zest for life and was ready to go; tugging at the end of his leash ready to start a new day. Unfortunately, his motor coordination and hips started to go, and we sadly had to say goodbye. We thank the SF SPCA for their work and other organizations like it for saving dogs that would otherwise not be on this earth to give us joy. I think that this is a perfect quote: "A dog's life is short, profound, in the moment, and full of unconditional love. That's why we love them so much and find it so hard to let them go." Goodbye, Rupert.