This is my 3-year-old Maine Coon tabby mix Bella (formally Fiona). Three years ago in November of 2013, a few weeks before Thanksgiving, I had decided to go to Pets Unlimited (now the Pacific Heights Campus) and just have a look around, at the time I wasnt expecting to find anyone. But I was proven wrong! I was going from kennel to kennel looking at all the pups and kitties. When I passed a huge room of kittens, there was one who was staring at me and following me back and forth when I passed. I asked to go in and this kitten continued to follow me. There were some others who had some interest in me, but this one had my attention. She ended up curling up in my lap and taking a long nap. Which made it offical; I was in love! I just had to fill out the paper work and take her home. To this day, we still have that bond.