Archie is a Germen Shephard Great Dane mix, and we adopted him when he was six months old. That was six years ago. A month prior to adopting Archie, my daughter and I had just lost our dog of 13 years, Jane. My daughter was devastated as was I. She had grown up with Jane, and it was important to her to have a dog in the house in order to feel safe. When Archie came into our lives I had never raised or trained a dog on my own. My husband was in charge of all the training of Jane. Jane was my last connection to my husband as he past away from cancer when our daughter was just over a year old. Archie has been a blessing. He is so loving and protective of us, and we could not have asked for a better companion. Archie is not just our dog he is a member of our family and is spoiled rotten just like our two cats. We were very lucky to have found Archie. My daughter was browsing different sites looking for dogs when she came across Archie's picture. We called the SF SPCA to see if he was still available and he was. We drove to San Francisco the next day to see him. There was an instant connection between Archie and my daughter. We asked how soon we could adopt him, and they said now. We didn't realize that that meant we could bring him home with us also. When I asked about picking him up after he gets neutered, they said it had already been done. Archie was the name that the SF SPCA gave him, and we thought it fit him so we kept it. Archie is now 6 1/2 years old and a happy, healthy dog. We love him so very much. Thank you for bringing us together!