Millie was one of seven puppies in a litter born to a dog named Elizabeth. We went to look at Millie after our 11-year-old daughter finished her Community Service Saturday program. We had no idea we would be getting a fifth pet (we have two cats, a bunny, and now two dogs)!

We met the little black puppy and knew instantly our 1-year-old Dachshund, Ginger, would love her. We put a hold on Millie and brought Ginger in the next day to introduce them. Six out of the seven puppies from Elizabeth's litter were already taken! Ginger was nervous at first, but they played a little and loved each other.

We have had her for a little over a week and we absolutely LOVE her! She plays with Ginger in our yard and she likes to sit next to our cats during the day. We are so grateful to have her, and we know that Ginger is too. We love you little Millie!!