Marko - I Love My Hound


Marko is a 5 years old Pointer mix who clearly has abandonment issues - which is understandable, considering the poor dog has been abandoned twice! He's also very afraid of other dogs, and seems to have gotten bullied at the shelter. All I knew when I met him was: he and I instantly bonded and didn't want to be separated.

He is wild, friendly, and a bit of a goofball - much like me. We also both have a lot of anxiety problems, but he calms me and I calm him. Despite being a 60-pound hound, he believes he is a lap dog and is clearly happiest resting on (not next to) my lap. I'm slowly teaching him, walk by walk, that he doesn't have to be terrified of other dogs, and that I'll always come home to him.

Having a dog in my life means I'm never lonely and always feel loved.

- Mikah