Rudolph (now LuLu)

We adopted this adorable female orange tabby during the Macy's Holiday Window event on November 22nd. She was the smallest in her litter, but certainly had the biggest personality! We connected with her immediately and the decision to bring her home was instant. She spent two weeks getting used to our home, and had very slow introductions to our male cat (Mister) and female dog (Abby). Abby - an Aussie Shepherd mix - immediately wanted to herd her and keep an eye on her. And Mister was more than happy to watch over her while she ate and figured out where the litter box was. We're happy to report that she has fully integrated into our home, and it would seem that she was the missing sibling to Mister and Abby. Lots of play, lots of snuggling, and two very protective older "siblings" are part of her day now. Thanks SF SPCA for continuing your great work and providing an opportunity for us to add to our family.