My Little Misty

Little Misty the kitty

My beloved cat of eight years died after she developed vaccine-associated sarcoma. I was heartbroken. A few days after her death I knew I wanted to adopt a kitten because the house was so lonely and quiet.  I was advised to wait a while but for the life of me I couldn't figure out why. I drove to the SPCA , where I had adopted Gabbie, and low and behold their were 6 kittens all running around and I knew when I saw this little female, bundle of gray fur -- she was the kitty for me. She is 18 mos. old and I am so glad I opened my heart and decided to love a kitten again. Misty is such a sweet kitty and I am loving her oh so much. Thank you SPCA for taking such good of her until I came to take her home.