Jazz (formerly Otter)

Jazz came to me from the San Francisco SPCA and was known as Otter. It had taken me a couple years to get over my last cat's passing. I had been a one-cat gal until then. As soon as I got him home though, he showed a very cool, energetic, slightly hyper vibe—hence "Jazz". I waited six weeks, and then came back and adopted Cleo. They have been my companions for the past 12-13 years. When I married about five years ago, Jazz graciously accepted the presence of another man in my life. My husband passed away in May of this year, on the 22nd. Jazz decided to keep him company and said goodbye to me on November 22nd, 6 months to the day after Ned. Having Cleo still bringing kitty soul to my home has given me so much peace. I'll let her adjust, and then we'll decide if she needs another playmate. Thank you SF SPCA for all the joy.