Captain Joe

I decided in 2012 that it was time to adopt a cat.  My first trip to the SF SPCA left me feeling a bit dejected, as the cat I fell in love with absolutely hated me!  My second trip didn’t go very well, either, until I was heading out and passed by the door of Captain Joe.  It was love at first sight!!

The good Captain had been at the shelter for several months, maybe because he required some dental work, or because he was considered a senior cat (he was 8 at the time).  A description posted to his door let the potential adopter know that if they were looking for a lazy cat, Captain Joe was ready to take them on a pleasure cruise.

He came home with me and has given me nothing but laughs for the past two years.  He’s lazy and demands only Greenies and scratches on his chin. His teeth are all better now and he loves to hang out and chat while I make dinner and when I tune up my bicycle.  He snuggles all night and walks on my head when it’s time to get up in the morning.  He’s never hissed, bit, scratched, or done anything aggressive.  He’s just the most awesome cat ever. 

Thank you, SF SPCA, for rescuing the Captain from a shelter in the East Bay and for taking such good care of him!  He’s the love of my life!!!