I will always be extremely grateful to the SF SPCA for bringing my best friend to me! I adopted Aífe from the SF SPCA Holiday Windows on New Years Day, 2011. She was almost four months old, and I was 25. I'd moved to the city just before Thanksgiving, right after grad school and a really horrible breakup. As soon as I met Aífe, I knew she was the cat for me. That New Years Day was really the start of a new life for me. My bond with Aífe changed me completely. It taught me so much about unconditional love, curiosity, responsibility, companionship, patience. It sustained me through years of struggling with depression, and it inspired me to volunteer with the SF SPCA and become vegetarian. Aífe was an indoor-only kitty her first four years, but in 2015 I started leash training her. Now she goes everywhere with me, and I'm constantly surprised by her growing bravery. I'm a writer, so Aífe hangs with me at my desk all day, then we go on walks and bicycle rides in the evening. We're living in Berlin at the moment, where there are lots of great parks to sniff around. I certainly couldn't be more delighted with our life, and I think she's pretty happy, too.